Mother's Call

Hello! I hope you're having a wonderful start to the month of May!

I am fortunate to have my amazing mom who is so supportive of my work. She gave me my love of travel and nature (she can hike circles around me!). She's incredibly hard-working, independent and self-sufficient. She's generous and thoughtful of others, but also practical and frugal (to save for travel, of course!). She bakes delicious desserts, is a plant whisperer, and can sew just about anything. She reads voraciously and is always trying to improve herself and the world around her. Most importantly, she loves her children and grandchildren fiercely and has been the inspiration for my own motherhood journey.  

I love my mom and have a great bond with her. Maybe that's why I'm drawn to the bond between wildlife mamas and their babies. There's something about that connection that evokes deep emotions within us. As May brings us closer to summer, we are seeing all types of wildlife babies, and it won't be long before the newest elk calves make their appearance. (Please view wildlife at a respectful distance - elk can get especially aggressive if you get too close to their babies.)

This image of a cow elk and her calves was taken on a late summer morning. I was drawn to the light behind them and the way the water droplets sparkled, but was also drawn to the bond between the three elk. Is she warning them of danger? Is she hurrying them through the water, telling them to stop their water play and move on with the herd? Or is she just calling and letting them know she's there to protect them? I am not an animal expert, but it's fun to imagine the story and speculate on what they might be thinking. What do you think?

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there!

Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and following my journey!